Road Map to Selling Your Home

Road Map to Selling Your Home

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A seller’s roadmap to selling their house!

Meet with a Real Estate Professional

You can learn a lot of useful information by meeting with a real estate professional in your area.  And, there isn’t any obligation to meet with them to gain knowledge on your local market as well as the selling process.


Establish a Price

The agent will go over a market analysis comparing houses that have recently sold or are on the market near your home.  This will help you determine what to list your home for, and estimate the amount you would have once the property sold.


Prepare Your Home

Always look at your home through a buyer’s eyes and what they would be thinking as they view your home.  Here are seven tips to get started – Seven Tips for Getting Your Home Ready to Sell in East Texas.  The agent can also offer tips on how to prepare your home for market.


List It For Sale

After everything is arranged and ready, the agent will put your home on the market.  Since showings can be last minute, always be ready to accommodate if at all possible to avoid missing a showing that could lead to a sale.


Offers and Negotiations

If all goes well, a buyer will submit an offer to your agent (most likely through their own agent).  Your agent will help you review and determine the benefits and risks for each offer.  Then you may counter, accept or deny an offer based on your decision.


Under Contract

If an agreement is made between you and a buyer, and all the paperwork is signed to the agreement, then you are officially under contract.


Final Details

There will most likely be an inspection of the physical condition of the home, along with appraisals for the mortgage provider to complete the loan documents.  There could be negotiations brought up in this phase, or repairs requested to the be made, depending on the reports and findings.



Once all steps have completed and you reach closing, you will now transfer ownership to the buyer in exchange for their funds to purchase.  You will most likely need to be all packed and ready to move once the closing arrives, depending on the move in dates set with your buyer.

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