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What geographical areas do you cover?

As a licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas, I can work anywhere in the state of Texas.  However, it would not benefit my clients for me to try work for them in an area outside of my knowledge or scope of data reach.  My active areas of work is Angelina and Nacogdoches Counties.  Growing up in Rusk County and starting out as an agent in the area surrounding south Tyler into Cherokee County, I know surrounding areas and quite a few agents all around East Texas!  So even if I don’t work your area, does not mean that I cannot help you in some way by connecting you with a fellow professional that does.

Do you know of an agent in my local area?

Yes, it is very possible that I do – and if don’t know someone right now, I most likely will once I know what area you are needing assistance in.  Being part of a brokerage that is nationwide and includes Canada, there are a lot of agents that I have connections with throughout North America.  Some I have met personally while others were connections made via a phone call or online in our virtual world.  There are many connections with fellow agents through business and personal seminars, transactions and just everyday day-to-day interactions.

What is the best way to get in contact with you?

Whatever method you prefer to communicate in – I will be happy to respond in anyway that works best for you!

  • form on our contact us page that’s just one click away
  • give my cell a ring at 903-541-9174
  • shoot me an email
  • message me on FaceBook or LinkedIN

What types of properties do you specialize in?

Distressed properties are my favorite!  Being both an investor and a part of a national team of investors, distressed properties offer up a challenge to turn something bad into good.

  1. Each transaction is very different from the last in regards to both contracts and how the transaction is processed.
  2. These properties can turn out to be great deals for both investors and homebuyers due to potentially being able to build in equity and forcing appreciation.
  3. These houses usually need remodeling, so the buyer can put their own twist and taste into their new home to make it their own or sale it for a potential profit.
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