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Home to Angelina College as well as being the county seat – Lufkin is a mix of both big city outings and small town atmosphere.

Five Things To Do in Lufkin, TX

1. Local Farmer’s Market

Located at 2107 S. Medford Dr. (Exit 69 off Loop 287 in Lufkin) – the farmer’s market is a great place to get fresh produce and products local to your area.  Items that aren’t just grown locally but made locally include soaps, honey and fresh bread.

For hours of operation and additional details check out their website: Lufkin’s Farmer’s Market

2. Hippos, ‘gators and Trains – OH MY!

No need to travel far for an outdoor outing of ZOO-size proportions!  Ellen Trout Zoo, located right here in Lufkin, is home to “over 800 mammals, birds and reptiles from around the world” per the City of Lufkin’s FAQ page.

Not only is there fun to be had on the “wild side” of life, but you can also catch a relaxing train ride at the Z&OO Railroad – located just outside the zoo.

For more details on hours of operation and ticket prices check out their website:  Ellen Trout Zoo

3. Home to Angelina College

Whether you are looking to add an associate’s degree or a certificate to your education path, Angelina College has several avenues to offer.  The range of opportunities includes business, arts, science and mathematics, health care lines as well as police and firefighter classes just to name a few.

For more details on what they offer and their class schedule check out their website: Angelina College

4. From Dinos to Lumberjacks

Home to both the Texas Forestry Museum & the Naranjo Museum of Natural History, there is plenty of fun and learning to be had for all ages.  Whether you are into learning about the past through prehistoric dinosaurs or forestry history surrounding the Pineywood area, you’ve got options for either – or BOTH!

For more details on these museums check out their websites:

Texas Forestry Museum

Naranjo Museum of Natural History

5. Big City Shopping

If you are big on shopping and want to stay near home while doing it, Lufkin has many shopping avenues including the Lufkin Mall.  From clothes, shoes and jewelry all the way to food and entertainment at the theater, they have many opportunities to satisfy the entire group for an outing.

For more details on the mall and their hours check out their website:  Lufkin Mall

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