East Texas Towns

East Texas Towns

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East Texas is home to many areas, counties, cities and towns – yes, there is a difference so I’ve been told!  🙂  So, whether you are looking for a small town to settle in or an area to just come for a visit – East Texas has many opportunities for just about everyone!

What is considered East Texas?

Depending on who you ask or which website search you just checked, there are many varying answers to this question.  Some sector off Northeast from Southeast counties, while others lump them all together from top to bottom.  Add in even more confusion for the ones that breakout Deep East Texas. 

The Texanist sums it up nicely when he stated “…one could reasonably argue that there is no definitive answer to your question.”  (For the full story check the Texas Monthly website.)

Myself, I feel that East Texas is the character of the area in which I’ve been very blessed to be raised in.  For instance, no matter where I travel whether in or out of state – as soon as I speak, most will tag me as being from East Texas!  And, that includes fellow Texans!  🙂  So, that leads me to believe that East Texas isn’t so much a set region of Texas geographically.  It is about character – with our unique mix of Southern drawl!

So, as long as you like hearing “y’all,” “yes ma’am” or “no sir,” and “back yonder,” stick around for you are in good company!  🙂 

What is the climate of East Texas?

As the saying goes “if you don’t like the weather now, wait five minutes” implies, our weather is on the constant change.  Sunny and clear skies turn to rumbling thunder for a quick 5-minute afternoon shower and vice versa.  You can start the day with the need for internal heat, then come home to a muggy house and realize you forgot to switch it to A/C before you left.  How do I know?  BEEN THERE – DONE THAT!

What does East Texas look like?

Just as the weather can change, so can the scenery.  This is what I feel is so beautiful about the views of East Texas (or Texas in general for that matter)!  There are options to pick from so many different backdrops of nature.  You can make choices for both living, outings and visiting all within just a few miles of one another.


  • the Pineywoods offer deep and rich forrest sites, smells and sounds
  • lakes of many sizes offer water sport fun and a cool swim break from the summer heat
  • open pastureland for cattle raising and/or hay bailing
  • sweeping hills off the main highways offer a change in pace from the construction driven city hubs
  • walking trails and gardens in many areas offer viewing plant life up close
  • cities and towns offer up the bustle of activity and events of both big city and small town styles

So, whether you are here to stay or just dropped by for a visit – we are glad you are here!

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